4SaleByOwner – Super Seller Checkout

Case Study:

The Project

I was contracted as a senior product designer to help the Xome team complete the Super Seller Checkout flow. This minimum viable product was to assist owners in selling their homes without a real estate agent and was already published. Xome had partnered with another company but had ended their contract and was building their own type product. This was the project that gave me notice to extend my contract and lead the Xome Next Generation iOS re-design.

Super Seller Checkout

My process started with a competitive analysis and the inventorying of all assets compiled with direction from our product manager. This product flow was to be a responsive, multi-page form signing up and collecting user information.
The first call to action page we designed comparison product options. Initially there was the "Flat Fee MLS" and "Super Seller" but later iterations would add "Free Classifieds".
The design team agreed to use a progress step UI graphic, a visual cue to describe where the user currently resides in the overall flow. My research explored different styles of progress bars but through the early iterations with the team it was to be clean, basic and followed the UI pattern of the site.

User Testing

User Testing in this case proved very vital. The demographic targeted was 25 - 65 males and females looking for a home. The results of the user data uncovered a big friction point. It was obvious that the competitors did not go through user testing for the user experience. In real estate there are many descriptions for different type properties. We went through multiple iterations to find these descriptors and borrowed some from the Xome site. This product does not use an agent, a multi-step solution was too lengthy and complex to where the users lost interest, abandoned the flow or the data collected was not enough. This product was built out and published when it shouldn't have. Google Adwords data and the data from User Testing proved this.

The Solution and Final Good

After rounds of iterations with the team, stakeholders and executives presenting solution(s) in IInvision App, JIra(Agile) and twice a week stand-ups, the product was changed to a one page form that basically contacted a Xome representative. It was simple and if the interest was there, the call to action would harvest enough data from home sellers to sell their homes friction free from a human. Relying on what the competitors were doing and not sticking to user stories was proven to fail. Yay for humans!

After rounds of ideations and iterations with the team, stakeholders and executives presenting solution(s) with Invision App, JIra(Agile) and twice a week stand-ups, the product was approved and delivered to development sprints in all areas.

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